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2014 Honda CBR1000RR

  • Dec 28 2013
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The Honda CBR1000RR is a great street bike, albeit a little long-in-the-tooth in the fast-paced liter-bike category. The big hope and rumor for the 2013 EICMA show was that Honda would have its V4-powered superbike finally ready for debut, though plans for that machine seem to have been delayed…again.Instead, Big Red has for us the 2014 Honda CBR1000RR SP, which is basically your standard Fireblade with premium kit bolted onto it, along with a very gentle engine massaging.

This sort of dual-pronged approach is fairly standard fare for the European brands (did you see what Ducati just did with the Monster 1200 and Monster 1200S?), but for a Japanese OEM like Honda, it is a pretty revolutionary approach to model segmentation, but we digress.

The short and the sweet of it, when it comes to the Honda CBR1000RR SP, is that Honda has added a laundry list of go-fast parts to the Fireblade, which should entice collectors and track day enthusiast alike.

Despite all this talk of weight savings, Honda’s claimed a curb weight (with a full tank of gas) for the 2014 Honda CBR1000RR SP is 440.9 lbs, which is actually a pound heavier than the base model CBR1000RR. With the engine re-tooling, the Honda CBR1000RR SP is good for 178hp and 84 lbs•ft of torque, with a fatter midrange power band says Honda Europe.

That is a modest gain over the CBR1000RR’s previous 175hp figure, though we think connoisseurs will appreciate the total package that Honda has put together here, and avoid the spec sheet racing. Still it would have been nice to have been “wowed” about bit more with the SP. Pricing hasn’t been confirmed, but the 2014 Honda CBR1000RR SP will be in Honda dealers comes February of the new year

2015 Masei 610 Ironman Mask DOT Helmets in hand-draft & molding phrase.

  • Dec 22 2013
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2015 Ironman Mask DOT Helmets in hand-draft & molding phrase... Thanks for Ali's picture and suggestion.. inspiring me to make this helmet and need 6-10 months to make it ready to release. First, I need to finish Macross Helmet first. Many people keep asking me that helmet. Sell online only worldwide... or non-US, non-Hong kong, and non-Japan countries only

2014 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie F6C

  • Dec 22 2013
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The all-new 2014 Honda Gold Wing was announced today, marking the first new one being built in over 10 years and we here at Dillon Brothers Motorsports couldn’t be more excited. Still better news is the new Valkyrie is even bigger and badder than the previous models.

The 2014 Valkyrie features the tried and true 1832cc flat 6 engine that Honda uses in the GL1800 Gold Wings and the new F6B. The engineers have managed to shave off an eye popping 154 lbs from the standard Goldwing and in the process they massively increased the power to weight ratio.

With it’s much improved torque to weight ratio the Valkyrie is said to be able to out-accelerate even the VFR1200F. The improved performance doesn’t stop at a mere increase in power. Honda has beefed up the brake discs from 296mm to 310mm in the front and 316mm on the back with available ABS. Honda also raised the foot pegs a full 1.3 inches to give the Valkyrie better balance and available lean angle.

BMW Motorrad Classic Cafe Racer Concept 90 R90S Ninety

  • Dec 18 2013
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BMW Motorrad Classic Cafe Racer Concept 90 R90S Ninety

The Concept 90 is one of two new vehicles BMW is showing off at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este on the tony shores of Lake Como in Italy. The original BMW R90S was offered from 40 years ago was one of the fastest motorcycles in that time, with serial semi-armor and successfully resigned himself sporty design and performance with the comfort of the ride.

This year is the 90th anniversary of BMW Motorrad and the 40th anniversary of the R 90 S (inset) - the first production motorcycle to come with a front fairing - and BMW has worked with custom bike builder Roland Sands Design to craft a homage to the Daytona Orange boxer from the Seventies.

Apart from the basic line Ninety Concept is painted a specific “Daytona” in orange, and the shuttering of handmade aluminum Bodywork and curved tail. Boxer engine that unless air cooled and liquid a special technique were processed valve cover, covers the front of the engine, exhaust system, and alloy wheels.

The bodywork is of hand-worked aluminum, the giant halogen lamp of the 1975 model (which is when Daytona Orange was introduced) has gone LED, and the front engine cover, valve covers, exhaust and wheels have been made with a contrast-cut milling process.